Stop Complaining


It’s Summertime and here in Sacramento, CA it’s hot hot hot!

We’ve already had several days over 100 degrees and it’s only the beginning of July!


As most of you have seen from my YouTube videos Untamed Strength is a warehouse gym. We do not have many of the luxuries that a commercial “Globo” Gym has (i.e. NO AIR CONDITIONING!)


The majority of the members at Untamed Strength are pretty tough individuals that lace up their weightlifting shoes and squat their asses off regardless of the heat. Untamed Strength’s raw, barebones, basement style atmosphere attracts a certain type of person who doesn’t mind being uncomfortable.

With that said, training in a hot stuffy warehouse that’s over 100 degrees sucks…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I consider this my “Heat Phase” of training. Similar to a High Volume phase, Heavy Phase, or High Intensity phase of training, this Heat Phase is only temporary. If I can get accustomed to giving each training session 100%, despite the awful heat, think about how easy my sessions will feel once the temperature cools down to a breezy 70 degrees in a few months.

This short article is meant to point out the fact that there will be times when not everything is conducive to a perfect training session. There will be plenty of days when you are tired, hungry, hot, sore, busy, lacking motivation, etc. TOO BAD! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; sometimes you can’t control these variables but the only thing you have complete control of is your effort!

-You can go to the HOT gym, put forth your best effort, and get better.
-You can go to the HOT gym and whine about how hot it is and have a crappy training session.
-You can just stay home in your air conditioned house and remain weak.

The choice is yours.

I see people on Instagram and Facebook complaining about running out of pre-workout, being tired, being hungry, having to deadlift with hexagon plates, not having access to a powerlifting gym, having to deadlift with a crappy smooth barbell, not being allowed to use chalk, etc.

Jack LaLanne has said something about “Worrying” and I’m going to paraphrase it using the word “Complain” instead:

There are 2 things you can complain about:
1. Things you can control
2. Things you can’t control

If you are complaining about something you can control then change it!
If you are complaining about something you can’t control why are you wasting your time complaining?

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