About Untamed Strength

Untamed Strength is a Sacramento based Strongman/Powerlifting Gym. Untamed Strength is a 24 hour access gym. To schedule a tour of the gym please email Untamedstrength@gmail.com. Do not drop in unannounced.

This gym was created for anyone who can appreciate hard work, callused hands, and a great training environment. At Untamed Strength you can find everything a competitive or recreational lifter needs: Powerlifting barbells, squat barbells, deadlift barbell, olympic barbells, squat racks, deadlift platforms, competition benches, reverse hyper, leg press, GHD, Lat pul-down machine, bands and chains, as well as some unconventional tools like tractor tires, atlas stones, kegs, sandbags, logs, circus dumbbells, hussafell stone, farmer’s handles, sleds, yoke, and much more.

All training levels are welcome. Whether you are completely new to strength training or you are interested in competing in your first Strongman competition or powerlifting meet, Untamed Strength can help you achieve your strength goals.

24 – hour access, group training, and personal training are all available. No contracts, No start-up fees, No cancellation fees. Come and experience just how fun Strongman and Powerlifting training can be at Untamed Strength!